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antirealitygirl's Journal

Immune to Gravity and Stuff
19 July 1984
.: перса :.

I'm 25. I'm a freelance copywriter. I dabble in web design. I love cats. I used to spend all my time rescuing animals, when I had a house to do that in. Now I'm folded up into a little apartment in Austin, TX and much more likely to spend my time with video games. :>
8-bit sex, acting out for attention, anti closed-mind, beading with him, being a bandaid, being bored and sleepy, being compulsive about everything, being different and special, being happy for fun, being obsessive about everything, being totally oblivious, blues clues bandaid love, boxes looking like books, breakfast at 1:47pm, breaking hearts&selling souls, breaking my heart&yours, burning everything i cook, burning hashbrowns, calling things orgasmworthy, camoflague kitty ears, conforming for security, cosplaying sakura kinomoto, covering walls in pictures, crushing on cute roadies, cuddling under the bed, debating religions, easter bunny eeyore, everyone else except you, fighting over nothing&everything, girls in bunny-suits, girls in ears&tails, giving nicknames to everything, glow stars or bust, hiding things in boxes, honey oat chex mix, hugging cute bookstore boys, idolizing card captor sakura, inside jokes about everything, kissing on mallrats, kissing on pretty boys, kissing on pretty girls, kissing topless drummers, lots of naked, loving me&you, making pretty jewelry, moving to oregon, ninjas with noodles, obsessing about kittygirls, organizing and reorganizing etc, pants for a penny, playing with crayons, playing with old matches, pondering random nothingness, practicing some magicks, pretending i'm not crazy♥, pretending that i am, reading chobits, sam's exploding dog, scary pointy things, secret hidden dungeons, selling and buying souls, sex&breakfast in bed, sexy butterfly tattoos, sexy kittybois, shouting out systemofadown lyrics, sleeping forever&ever&ever, spitting in your coffee, spreading secrets&creating rumors, ten-hour phone conversations, the original poopmoose, thinking about somewhere else, trevor is a vampire&, trying to be somethingelse, tying strangers up, way too many pillows♥, whipped cream&cherry sex, перса, ☆ being a ☆